Substitute Teachers

Thank you for serving as a guest teacher\assistant in our District. Being a guest teacher\assistant is not always an easy job, so we appreciate your willingness to serve in that capacity. At District 428, we view each of our guest teacher\assistant as a vital partner in the education of our students.

To help you be the most successful guest teacher\assistant you can be, we have established standards that we will hold our guest teacher\assistant accountable to and share those with you here:

· A badge identifying you as a substitute must be worn at all times. Please come to the Education Service Center Monday thru Friday from 7:30pm - 4:30 pm if you do not have a badge.

· Upon arrival, please report to the main office to sign-in and receive any necessary information including emergency procedures.

· We follow the dress code in the DCTA contract (Article xxx page 67)

· Follow the lesson plans that were left by the teacher for whom you are substituting.

· During the school day, your students must be supervised at all times. Reading, accessing the internet or using your cell phone or other electronic devices are not allowed.

· You may leave the building only during your lunch period and may not leave the building during the regular teacher’s planning period or other downtime.

· Use of District technology for personal use (including accessing the AESOP system) is a violation of our Acceptable Use Policy.

· Cell phone usage will be allowed only in an emergency and never within a classroom where students are also unable to use their cell phone.

· Confidentiality must be exercised at all times.

· Not all of our buildings are the same and as such, some of the procedures will be different from school to school. Please make yourself familiar with basic procedures at each new building and refrain from implementing procedures from other buildings which you may personally prefer.

· It is never appropriate to make adverse comments to students about the regular teacher or his/her methods.

· Please refrain from eating, drinking or chewing gum while in the classroom.

· Smoking is not allowed on any District 428 property.

· Be ready and willing to work as needed with administrative personnel during free periods. You may be asked to teach a class or engage in other types of work (supervision, bus duty, etc.) during the regular teacher’s free periods.

· If you report to a building as directed for a guest teacher\assistant assignment and upon arrival are directed to another assignment, you are expected to accept the new assignment.

· If you arrive at a building and no guest teacher\assistant assignment is available due to building and/or scheduling error, every effort will be made to place you in another unfilled position within the District. If no unfilled position is found, you will be paid for a half day of work.

· When you need to cancel an assignment you had previously accepted, please call the school where you were assigned to work in addition to cancelling through AESOP.

Substitute Fee Reimbursement

In efforts to reduce the substitute teacher shortage, ISBE is now offering a reimbursement of application and registration fees to qualifying applicants.

To Qualify:

  • Your Sub issuance date must be later than July 1, 2017

  • You must work at least 10 full school days within one year of your issuance date

  • You must apply for the reimbursement within 18 months of your issuance date

If you meet these requirements, please complete form 73-02: Substitute License Fee Refund Request

. This form must be returned to ISBE by the school or district official. Forms submitted by the applicant will not be honored. ​